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From 30th October 2007, under new European-wide laws, all non-hazardous waste must be treated before it can be landfilled and the Environment Agency is placing the responsibility for conformity on waste producers.

These regulations are the final stages of the European Landfill Directive and have been applied to lessen our reliance on landfill as a disposal alternative and to make sure that landfill has less impact on the surroundings.

For the waste to be regarded as pre-treated it must obey the three-point evaluation for the definition of “treatment”.

Treatment must:

Be a physical, thermal, chemical or biological process which can contain classification
Change the features of the waste and
Do thus in order to:

Reduce its volume; or
Reduce its hazardous nature; or
Facilitate its handling; or
Improve its recovery

One of the easiest forms of pre-treatment for general waste is categorizing a percentage of each waste stream and segregating it for recycling, which may be done either by you or by a waste management contractor at a sorting facility.

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