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Waste Recycling Edinburgh

We provide an easy, cost certified and effective way of recycle neon lighting pipes, road lamps, energy-saving lamps and floodlights.

The selections could be planned to suit the requirements of one’s company round and certainly will make sure that you are not completely defiant using the laws that was newest.

*No agreement to sign
*No costs that are hidden
*Wide selection of support possibilities
*Provision of waste documents that is hazardous

It might not be easier…

*We supply a pot to you…
*We organize choices planned to adhere to laws and present assistance…
A time to match anyone.

Fluorescent Tube Recycling
Key Waste Management and Recycling Edinburgh could provide an easy alternative for the safe collection and recycling of spent tubes and bulbs.

We can furnish lockable lampsafes (up to 550 tubes), plastic tubes (up to 80 tubes) and cut top metal drums and provide all essential transportation and treatment instruction manual.

Our clip top drum group service could be utilized for assorted compact fluorescent tubes (2Ds, PLL, PLS etc), halogen bulbs and mercury vapour lamps.

We’re pleased to supply one off groups in addition to scheduled volume groups.

Fluorescent tubes recycling
Key Waste Management & Recycling Edinburgh provides a recycling service for fluorescent tubes consistent with the 2005 Hazardous Waste Regulations. To find out more relating to this service, please contact our Ecosystem Team.

What’s Fly Tipped Waste?
Fly –tipped waste is classified as an illegal deposit of waste on a place of property that’s not licensed to receive it.

Typical regions of property which are generally influenced by fly tipping are laybys, private property, derelict land and woodland regions.
The most usual types of waste that are fly-tipped contain garden waste, tyres, refrigerators, home waste (couches & mattresses), clinical, dangerous & building waste and asbestos sheeting.

Why Do Individuals Fly-Suggestion?
In the past few years the variety of flytipping events has soared because of a rise in landfill tax for the disposal of the waste as well as a substantial escalation in waste collections by non-authorized employees.

Landfill tax is contained in your council tax bill for family rubbish but companies must utilize a documented insurance company, who’ll be billed a levy when disposing of the accumulated waste.

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