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WEEE Collections Edinburgh

In all of the UK, safe disposal and recycling of WEEE is law, and failure to do so could result in heavy fines or even imprisonment.

At 3bWaste, we provide WEEE collection at an affordable price and promise to dispose of it carefully and in accordance with the WEEE Directive. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about WEEE recycling, so your business is safe with us. Contact us today on 01316 100 860. 

WEEE Collections Edinburgh

With the ever-advancing world we live in, in terms of technology, WEEE has become one of the most rapidly growing waste. WEEE can be highly hazardous because they contain heavy metals and chemicals that are extremely dangerous to our health, for example, mercury. That is why you need to have an experienced waste disposal company such as 3bWaste to remove WEEE for your business. The European Union (EU) has regulations namely, the WEEE Directive and RoHS Directive, that are set in place to address the ever-increasing amounts of WEEE. These also ensure that there are no illegal manufacturing of these products or transporting them in and out of the UK illegally.

What is Classified as WEEE?

WEEE is Waste Electrical and Environmental Equipment. It is a waste resulting from all equipment and materials that require the use of electricity. Some are battery-powered. This consists of equipment and tools such as computers, medical equipment, electronics (TV’s, fridges, food dispensing machine and other large electrical equipment), PV solar panels, fluorescent tubes to mention a few.  

WEEE Collection and Recycling Edinburgh

The WEEE Directive enforces the recycling of electronic waste material. It ensures that:

  • All WEEE is collected separately from other waste and disposed of responsibly. Failure to do this would result in the waste ending up in landfills where the toxins released would end up in people’s water supplies and the soil and that could be fatal. 
  • Creation of WEEE, where possible, is prevented by ensuring efficient use of the materials by reusing and other forms of recovery. 

The RoHS Directive restricts the use of certain hazardous materials and substances in electronic and electrical equipment (EEE). RoHS stands for Reduction of Hazardous Substances. 

At 3bWaste, it is our commitment to ensure that the rules set out in the WEEE Directive are adhered to by safely collecting and recycling every WEEE that we can. Call us on 01316 100 860 or fill out the form so we can contact you back.

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